Our story

getITright started in May 2009 as a specialist IT best-practice skills development company, helping customers develop individual and organizational skills and competencies using multiple best-practices and delivery methods. 

The mix included traditional classroom and virtual training, e-learning, offering to coach and consult with customers to complement what professionals learn, and helping them to apply what they have learned for the benefit of their organization.

Although the company stayed true to its original purpose – it expanded its offering to include non-IT, enterprise topics like Organizational Agility, Lean, Business Continuity, Privacy and Data-protection, Information & Cyber Security, Governance, Innovation and Design of new products and services, and Digital Transformation.

We have also embraced technology as a delivery mechanism and often offer our services to customers without ever being in close physical proximity. 

We have learned that more technology does necessarily not make for a less personal touch and build long-term sustainable relationships even with customer who we have never shaken hand with.

Virtual delivery mechanisms and our e-Learning platform are tools getITright often use to achieve its purpose.

We aim to help individuals and organizations equally to (as our tagline states) learn, apply and accelerate.

getITright now operates as two independent entities, with a shared purpose – one in Hengelo in the Netherlands and one in Johannesburg in South Africa.

We believe the future is about connecting people at an intimate level, their experiences, ambitions, and lives. By doing that, we can build better organizations and a better society!

You may find that some of our offerings are ‘non-standard,’ the reason is quite simple – the first thing we ask is – what level of people-interaction is necessary to make this intervention a success?

Only once we understand that, do we develop products and services!

We are just as passionate about making a difference today as we were more than ten years ago. The need has not changed, but the context has substantially, and we will continue to explore new and exciting ways of doing things consistently better and striving for perfection.

We are excited to have you join our community and help us make a difference with you!

Sincerely Johann Botha – CEO