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because helping you be awesome, is what we do!

Agile Coaching

We help teams to get going with Agile Scrum or Kanban, fast and with the least amount of disruption and push-back.

We hold your hand, facilitate difficult conversations, show you exactly what to do and also whet NOT to do!

Innovation Workshop Facilitation

Innovation is difficult, but we have learned that using a simple process can help you go from no idea to great idea in less than a week.

Innovation workshops helps you identify innovation that matters most, come up with a great idea, do a fast prototype, and test the idea with real users or customers, before spending tons of resources building something that will never fly!

Check out this video about Innovation Sprint Workshops

Strategy & Maturity Assessments

You are busy making improvements, but is it working?

Are you sure you focus on the the things, the things that matters most?

We help you make sure that your efforts aligns with your purpose and strategy, and creates maximum value.

Focused Continual Improvement

You know that you need to do better, but what will have the greatest impact on the business and customers?

Let’s help you focus on the right things, and then help you to do it right!

everything we do is about

Creating Maximum Value!

We are passionate in helping make organizations better and helping them to create the most value possible. 

To get that right we help people to be better and make a more meaningful contribution towards the success of their organizations.

But the equation needs to be balanced – Yin and Yang!

Sure we focus a lot on innovation and improvement but we also need to make sure that you don’t take unnecessary risks and maintain the necessary controls to get it right (pun intended).

But just as innovation and future should be lean and  agile, so to must keeping the lights on and doing what is right, be lean and agile!

Left and right human brain. Creative half and logic half of human mind. Vector illustration isolated on white background.

what people say...

That rare combination of a fine strategic mind, unimpeachable ethics, and hard-driving competence in the technology industry. They have the ability to step into the unknown with courage but to calculate the options realistically. With knowledge is both deep and wide. Whenever you need the unvarnished truth, calculated analysis, and sane, sensible advice, call them.
Francois Baird - Co-chair Taylor Advisory & Bairds CMC - Washington D.C., US
What they do cuts through all of the noise and provides a clear common-sense approach to strategy, technology, innovation, and transformation. It's obvious, it's simple and their thought leadership profoundly relevant and timely.
David Cannon - Senior VP nfiniti3 - Dallas, US
We have worked with them for more than ten years now and often take them to our customers to augment our offering; our customers agree with our positive experience. They quickly help customers to get their houses in order. There are very few with their knowledge and skills when it comes to governance, agility and maximizing business value using IT.
Peter Glashoff - CEO, GM Consulting - Johannesburg, ZA

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