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We offer practical courses with international accreditation and certification, or practical workshops with no exams - the choice is yours.

Certified Agile

The Agile Scrum Master is a unique certification that combines an understanding of agile principles and applying scrum practices. The Agile Scrum Master course focuses on the role of the Scrum Master in facilitating maximum customer and business value by using Agile and Scrum. This certification is ideal for those taking a leading role in the use of, transitioning to, or adopting Agile and Scrum.

Although candidates often have a project management background, no project management skills are needed to become a good Scrum Master. Scrum Masters are Servant Leaders helping Scrum Teams to deliver maximum value to the business and customers fast.

This course helps develop critical Scrum competencies and facilitate team outcomes, coach and enable cross-functional delivery teams.

All the skills you need to be an effective Scrum Master, all neatly wraped-up in one package!

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Certified Agile Scrum PRODUCT OWNER

Agile Scrum Product Owner course focuses on bringing value to the customer and the business through Agile project management techniques. This certification is ideal for managers and professionals working in, transitioning to,  or adopting Agile.

Although candidates are often in project management, software development, and service IT service management roles, Agile Scrum is ideal for managing any organization-wide projects that are complex and have to deal with fast-changing requirements and continual improvement.

 The EXIN Agile Scrum Product Owner course helps develop requisite knowledge of Agile principles and Scrum practices, specifically with the role of Product Owner, business sponsor, or business manager in mind.



Innovation is one of the most important Digital Age skills and also one of the hardest things to get right.

Innovation Sprints are the simplest way for any organization to innovate fast and know that the new innovative idea is commercially viable before the organization invests significant time, money, and other resources in developing the idea into a commercial offering.

Innovation Sprint is an Agile ADapT™ technique for fast team-based innovation that anyone can learn, and anyone can successfully come up with new and sometimes industry-disrupting ideas with a high likelihood of commercial success in less than a week!

It may sound impossible and you may think that you can't afford to take a lot of people away from their day-to-day work for a week. Not so - Innovation Sprint teams are just 7 people and only 3 or 4 will need to be involved for more than two days!

Build better PRODUCT BACKLOGS fast!

This workshop is a practical add-on to Agile Scrum Master or Product Owner courses and focuses on Story Mapping as a means to rapidly build and update Product Backlogs.

At the core of Agile Scrum is defining and prioritizing requirements and building the Product Backlog – the definitive requirements list used in Scrum and Agile.

The Product Owner is responsible for creating and continually refining the Product Backlog, but they rely on the knowledge and understanding of the entire Scrum Team to get this right.

This course will show you how Scrum Teams can build the first Product Backlog in a few hours, and the technique can be used whenever new requirements need to be added to the Product Backlog.

We offer complimentary services that helps you get results fast. We have done this lots of time and can, not only help you do it right the first time, but also help you avoid the common mistakes people often make when embarking on an agile and lean transformation journey.

Why Choose Us

Expert Trainer

We wrote the official EXIN certification handbook.

We and received international  thought leader accolades for Agile, Innovation & Transformation

Not just Theory

All courses includes hands-on practical work. 

We make sure you can pass the exam and also apply what you learned.

Global Certification

Get certified by an Internationally recognized exam institute.

EXIN  certified
millions of professionals in the digital domain since 1984.

What people say...

The benefits have been incredible, and we have seen a 300% improvement in measurable project success in just a few months.

Johann is great at taking theory, combining it with feedback and his vast store of experience; giving it a real-world spin on how to adapt ideas for day-to-day use.

He contextualizes feedback, considers our chosen business direction, and pragmatically advises how to change the company for the better.

The relationship continues, my trainer became my coach. I often bounce new challenges and ideas off him.
Gavin Oosthuyzen, Agile Lead - Premier FMCG, ZA
Learning is always easier when doing and applying. Johann would ask about my real-life context and helped me to to apply what I have learnt to my work.

I not only know how Agile Scrum works, but how it should be applied. It is an absolute gamechanger being able to immediately apply what I have learnt to great effect in the workplace.

It was a wonderful learning experience that was personalized and enriched my life greatly.

I highly recommend doing Scrum with Johann.
Bibi Diaz Del Castillo Koch, Project Manager Growth - Emakina.NL, NL

Agile Scrum was my second learning experience with getITright, the first was an awesome Agile ADapT course.  

I thought I understood Agile and Scrum before the course but the material and handbook are undoubtedly the BEST that I have ever seen, with simple and clear guidance with examples where necessary.

When I had questions about the practical use of Agile & Scrum, Johann is able to contextualize feedback based on his wealth of experience and recommend a course of action that is feasible, practical, and 100% in line with the theory.

Marc Biebuyck, Managing Director - synXeos, UK

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