getITright started as a conventional Training and Consulting company offering public courses of popular international certifications. We still offer to prepare you for many of these international certification exams and often use classroom training, but we evolved to not only focusing on the candidate passing the exam, but rather on organizations maximizing the benefits of the trained staff!

We prefer course delivery in a company context as all our trainers are also senior and experienced consultants, all with real operational experience. That means we can tweak learning to maximize benefits for the organization – the trainer also acts as an in-class coach and consultant.

We offer in-class training (normally on the customer site), virtual remote classroom training and coaching programs that deliver all the learning benefits of the classroom, but with personal growth and the ability to target specific issues (probably the reason you wanted to learn in the first instance).

(The trainer) would ask about my real-life context and helped me to to apply what I have learnt to my work. It is an absolute gamechanger being able to immediately apply what I have learnt to great effect in the workplace.

Bibi Diaz Del Castillo Koch, Project Manager Growth (Product design) Netherlands

Certified Agile SCRUM MASTER

Scrum Masters lead the transformation to become more agile, they are guides, teachers, coaches and servant leaders.

The Agile Scrum Master is a unique certification that combines an understanding of agile principles and applying scrum practices.

The Agile Scrum Master course focuses on the role of the Scrum Master in facilitating maximum customer and business value by using Agile and Scrum. This certification is ideal for those taking a leading role in the use of, transitioning to, or adopting Agile and Scrum.


Although candidates often have a project management background, no project management skills are needed to become a good Scrum Master. 

Scrum Masters are Servant Leaders helping Scrum Teams to deliver maximum value to the business and customers fast.

Certified Agile PRODUCT OWNER

The Agile Scrum Product Owner course focuses on adding value to the customer and business through Agile project management techniques. This certification is ideal for managers and professionals working in, transitioning to,  or adopting Agile.

Although candidates are often in project management, software development, and service IT service management roles, Agile Scrum is ideal for managing any organization-wide project that is complex and has to deal with fast-changing requirements and continual improvement.

The EXIN Agile Scrum Product Owner course helps develop the requisite knowledge of Agile principles and Scrum practices, specifically with the role of Product Owner, business sponsor, or business manager in mind.

getITright helped me to truly get Agile & Digital Transformation. I thought I understood it well before I started working with them, well I did not. Undoubtedly the BEST TRAINING/COACHING that I have ever experienced, with simple and clear guidance with lots of practical examples where necessary.

Marc Biebuyck, Managing Director (IT Consulting) United Kingdom

… enlightening, and the advise enabled me to be a better manager, and guided and my team to be much more productive and effectively manage risk. 

His encouragement helped a lot – so he is more than just a consultant, he has become a friend!

Mohamed Shafee - Head of IT Operations, (banking) Bahrain 

Certified DevOps MASTER

Making automation and technology work for your organization.

DevOps Master is an advanced-level certification that helps technical team leaders and managers develop and maintain sustainable work practices for the digital age. It enables them to introduce and promote DevOps in their organization to better manage application and service life cycles, whilst facilitating collaborative teamwork.

DevOps is primarily associated with software development, but its principles are increasingly applied to other projects and processes. 

This makes the DevOps Master certification interesting to IT professionals who wish to extend their knowledge to cover the latest developments in deployment management. 

Business analysts, developers, security experts, product owners, process managers and members of DevOps teams can all benefit from this training.

LEAN certifications

Lean improves effectiveness and efficiency. It’s the best way to continually improve!

Lean is the foundation of virtually every successful new management paradigm in the last 60 years – and we LOVE IT.

We love it because it’s simple, easy to understand and practice, and you can quickly see results – because it’s an iterative and continual approach to managing and performing better.

EXIN offers the Lean IT & Kanban courses (Foundation, Kaizen & Lean Leader). This helps cement a good theoretical foundation to practice Lean well!

We augment the theoretical learning element of Lean IT with project-based learning underwritten by the International Association of Certified Black-belts (we are also a founding member).

IACB offers evidence-based professional accreditation for practitioners of Lean using the belt-system (green-belt, black-belt and master-blackbelt).


The continual improvement approach adopted ensured the ownership remained within the organization, and improvement continued at the end of the project. We can now easily maintain the momentum achieved during the project and sustain long-term success.

Cecelia Verginkis, Manager Governance & Quality (IT Services) South Africa

Privacy, Cyber & Information Security

Better safe, than sorry!

Cybercrime offers a significant threat to organizations, and many countries now mandate that private information must be kept safe.

We have years of experience in helping customers build Information Security Management Systems and educate and train key resources in customer organizations. 

We offer internationally accredited training in the space of information security, data privacy, and building and maintaining an Information Security Management system in compliance with GDPR and ISO/IEC27000.


I commend you for the your unique contribution in assisting Vodacom achieve ISO/IEC27001 certification, your efforts are highly valued.

We appreciate your ‘upskilling’ approach that enabled us to become self-sufficient in maintaining the certification.

I would not hesitate to recommend you to others…

Mohamed Mayet - Enterprise HOD Cloud Services, (cellphone Network provider) South Africa
About getITright

Empowering organizations to thrive in the digital age, we steer them towards future-proofing their business. 

Our approach centers on people, utilizing user-friendly tools and methods.

We aim to help individuals and organizations learn, apply and accelerate.


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