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Johann talks to other interesting industry leaders about, organizational and digital transformation, business agility, service management, cultural and organizational shifts that affects business, innovation and the affect and use of technology.

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We also load videos where we were guests on other Podcasts or a speaker at conferences here.

S03E14: The year-End show – Reflections on 2023

S03E13 Doug Tedded and I chat about Innovation and Problem Solving

S03E12 Mark Biebuyck and I talk about Outcomes Based Innovation and why it’s so difficult!

S03E11 I talk to Daniel Breston on mental health in the IT workplace and why innovation thrives in a healthy workplace

S03E10: Erin Casteel and I talk about Doing Sustainable Innovation and what that really means!

S03E09: I talk to Rob England about his update to the Standard and Case problem solving method and how it can be used for innovation

S03E08: David Barrow explores how communities of practice create new and more value

S03E07 Simone Jo Moore explores why emergent practice helps humanizing IT

S03E06 Suzanne Galletly of EXIN talks about Education and Innovation

S03E05: Richard De Kock talks about decision-making when innovating.

S03E04: David Cannon explores common innovation traps and how to avoid them!

S03E03: Karen Ferris talks about the future of leadership and how it will shape our organizations.

This time on Level Up we talk about Agile Leadership

A Level UP guest again and this time the conversation is about getting double the amount of work done in half the time.

S03E02: Paul Collins explores how organizations can build Innovation and Problem-solving skills

S03E01: Claire Agutter speaks about the power of community when innovating.

I’m a guest of APMG LevelUp and talk about managing Agile Projects.



S02E21: RICHARD de KOCK shares why having a cloud operating model is so important

S02E20: DOUG TEDDER talks about IT Service Management today, and what we can learn from the past.

S02E19 DAVID CANNON talks about Realizing the promise of the cloud!

S02E18 PETER BROOKS talks about light, and sustainable  Governance

S02E17 SUZANE VAN HOVE talks about best-practice, standards and frameworks

S02E16: JACE FINMAN and I talk about assessing learning experience

S02E15: BEN BRENNAN explores what self-aware IT looks like.

S02E14: NICK HOULTON and I talks about educating today’s IT professional

S02E13: NIRMALAN and I talk about customer experience in the digital age

S02E12: MARIA KOSTELAC explores how society is evolving in the digital age

S02E11: NIKOLA GAYDAROV explores the noise around Digital Transformation.

S02E10: KAREN FERIS talks about the building High-Trust organizations. 

S02E09: ERIN CASTEEL talks about Architecting organizations for agility and resilience.

S02E08: CLAIRE AGUTTER talks about the changes in the IT and Service Management industry.

S02E07: CHERRY VU and ROB ENGLAND talks about Making a difference in Vietnam’s patriarchal  business society.

S02E06: SIMONE JO MOORE talks about Becoming Visible, having a voice so that you can make a difference.

S02E05: MARK SMALLEY talks about the importance of Users in product consumption and design. 

S02E04: MARK BIEBUYCK talks about the Age of the Digital Customer and what that means for organizations.

S02E03: DANIEL BRESTON talks about Business Continuity and why its much more than having a disaster recovery plan

S02E02: MATTHEW BURROWS explores the reasons behind The Great Resignation (or Great Quit) and what we should learn from that.

S02E01: PAUL WILKENSON talks about getting back to ABC in IT (attitude, behavior and culture’s importance in getting it right [pun intended])



itSMF Hellas Chapter Workshop.

The fastest way to out-innovate the competition – innovation and design sprints on steroids.

FITIS Independent Professional Consultants Chapter.


The APMG Level Up Series


The APMG Level UP Series

How to become and AGILE LEADER

The APMG Level UP Series




FITIS Independent Professional Consultants Chapter.



I’m a guest of

S01E08: ROB ENGLAND talks about Planning in Uncertainty – we also explored some side-roads along the way 🙂

S01E07: RICHARD DE KOCK talks about the ITIL – DevOps divide. (This talk has since become part 1 of Transcending Best-Practice.)

S01E06: JACE FINMAN and I reminisce a bit and talk about him making a midlife career shift to Information and Cyber Security.

S01E05: SUZANNE VAN HOVE and I talk about the Death of Hierarchy.

S01E04: CLAIRE AGUTTER talks about how trite the term Digital Transformation has become, and what is meaningful Digital Transformation.

S01E03: GUY WHITCROFT talks about the future of Business, Work & Employment

S01E02: SIMONE JO MOORE talks about the Insanity of implementing (cookie-cutter) Best Practice

S01E01: DAVID CANNON talks about Service Management, Governance, Digital Transformation, TOC and Life. 

This is the launch episode and a bit longer than others 🙂



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