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If you want to transform your business digitally, are looking to improve your organisation or solve complex problems and you need help – call us.

We are consultants and coaches that specialise in digital transformation, governance, information security and product and service management and innovation. We will help you better define and understand the problem or help you define a strategy fit for the digital age.

But we would not leave you there, plans and strategies mean nothing unless they are executed.  Our consultants will lead you through the complexity towards actionable and practical execution and results and value realisation.

Our goal is to make you or your organisation better performing, less vulnerable to nasty surprises, make better decisions and act purposefully.

We are successful in what we do when you excel!

IT Assessments

Drawing a line in the sand before starting any project is always an excellent starting point. Most of our engagements begin with some form of an assessment to create an improvement baseline and to better understand what needs doing. Our consultants can help with the following commonly used assessments and audits:

  • Management system audits based on international standards like ISO9001 and 22301 or ISO/IEC 20000, 27001 or 38500
  • Process capability and maturity assessments, helping organisations to understand better what keeps them for improving, growing and excelling
  • Skills assessments help to identify what critical skills are missing, and we also help to see how skills gaps can be closed best.


Understand the gap between organisational goals and objectives – the reality on the ground.

Best practice guidance assessments must be targeted and must answer a specific question. Using the wrong assessment type can be very harmful and send you in the wrong direction. Use the right tool to answer your specific question!

ISO and COBIT Assessments


We see our role as a coach who enables customers and business leaders to ensure tangible results that are also sustainable. We transfer knowledge, enabling customers to stand on their own two feet!

Coaching engagements typically form part of any consulting engagement, but can also be a stand-alone offer. In these cases we typically;

  • Help managers or process owners making sense of best practice and align it to work within the specific organisational context. Engagements help identify management and organisational gaps and how to close these gaps practically.
  • Digital Transformation, Lean or Agile coaches, help managers embark on a transformational journey. By nature of the topics , engagements of this kind usually are people and change focused.
  • We also help teams apply what they have learnt in either formal or industry certification settings or indeed develop targeted learning initiatives based on specific organisational needs. We call this approach "team based, workplace learning", where the learning facilitator is also a team coach that helps the team practically apply what they have learnt in the workplace.

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