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We sell customer results and our job is to make customers and customer resources super successful! 

We have done some interesting things for customers over the last 20 years, so it’s difficult to pigeonhole exactly what we do – but here are some of the general categories of consulting, coaching, audit, and assessments we do in addition to the workshops and training we do. 

Engagements usually start with either an assessment, a workshop, or training, and then we sit with customers to determine how and if we can add value for them.

We have one SUPREME RULE – we don’t entrench resources at customers – a primary success metric for us is how quickly a customer can stand on their own feet!

Audits & Assessments

By knowing where you are and where you want to go to, it’s easy to work out the steps in the journey

Organizations often do assessments to feel good about themselves or to get assurance that they are OK.

BUT, the best reason for an assessment is to work out an action plan to get to where you want to be!

An honest and realistic assessment provides an excellent baseline for your improvement initiatives. 

We help organizations to establish baselines, whether it’s to know how well they are doing against industry standards,

to comply with regulatory requirements, or just wanting to know how far they have grown and matured.

We also help you improve internal assessment – because the best assessments are continual.

Types of assessments and audite we do:

  • COBIT / IT Governance assessments
  • Management system audits (ISO standards, mostly 9001, 20000, 22301 & 27001)
  • Checking legislative compliance, or compliance (usually privacy and information/cyber security), and
  • Compliance to voluntary code of practice like SOC and PCI.

We can help you to get an independent view of exactly where you are and help you with the journey to where you want to be!

getITright provided assisted us in assessing and implementing measures to improve the governance of IT in record time.

The consultant’s knowledge and practical understanding of IT environments were refreshing (compared to people who usually audit us). 

…(They) come highly recommended. 

Nick Barnes - Group CIO (Construction & Civil Engineering) Australia & South Africa

They are our go-to for anything service management, innovation  and agile. 

We have worked with them for more than ten years and often take them to our customers to augment our product and service offering; our customers agree with our positive experience.

Peter Glashoff - CEO (IT outsourcing & consulting) South Africa

Agile & Lean Coaching

Both Lean and Agile are management philosophies first, dependent on a certain mindset, using some defined methods.

The reason why so many Lean and Agile initiatives fail is because the methods are dependent on buy-in to the philosophy and then changing the organizational mindset!

Organizational leadership do much better if they have an experienced guide on the journey – someone who knows what to do and avoid!

Lean and Agile initiatives that are driven by leadership and recognize that significant shifts will occur in the organization, and prepare for these, are the organizations that reap the most benefits.

Using one of our coaches will make your journey and your path smoother.

That rare combination of a fine strategic mind, unimpeachable ethics, and hard-driving competence…

(They) have the ability to step into the unknown with courage but to calculate the options realistically… with knowledge both deep and wide…

Would recommend (them) anytime.

Francois Baird - Co-chair (advisory media & merketing) United States of america

Strategic Innovation Coaching

Innovation is difficult, but we have learned that using a simple process can help you go from no idea to great idea in a VERY short time.

The trick is to identify the innovation that matters most, develop a great idea, do a fast prototype, and test the idea with real users or customers. You also need to do this by spending the least time and money! Why build something that will never fly?

Sounds simple – yes?

Well yes and no!

Our Innovation Sprint and Business Model Innovation workshops will assist you along the way.

ADapT is also a great resource – it helps answer the most fundamental of questions – where would my time and resources be best invested? 

Like many things in life, experience counts, and we can help you get it right faster and with much less pain.

About getITright

Empowering organizations to thrive in the digital age, we steer them towards future-proofing their business. 

Our approach centers on people, utilizing user-friendly tools and methods.

We aim to help individuals and organizations learn, apply and accelerate.


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