This workshop is a team-based learning and coaching program.

Teams will learn how to put out operational fires and once the environment is stabilized, to figure out why the fire started in the first instance.

What’s more- we will work with an issue that the team has struggled with for some time – to the workshop results are also real organizational results!

You cannot fire-proof an environment where you don’t understand the root causes of what started the fire in the first instance.

What is also clear is that learning an approach may benefit an organization but the real benefit is in applying what was learned and institutionalizing it.

We hold teams hands for a month after the workshop to make sure it becomes part of the standard work that is done in the organization.

Who will benefit from this workshop?

Anyone in the operational space and who have to deal with incidents and problems.

Who should attend?

  • Operational Management 
  • Team Leaders
  • Technical Specialists
  • Operations staff
  • Project resources
  • Scrum Masters & Product Owners
  • Super-users

Level of training


Main subjects covered

  • Understanding causes and effects of things that goes wrong
  • Identifying possible ways of creating operational stability and selecting the most appropriate course of action to minimize operational disruption
  • Digging deeper to find the true cause or causes of incidents that disrupts business operations
  • Investigating and evaluating different approaches to address root cause 
  • Implementing permanent fixe that resolve true causes
  • Re-evaluating standardized ways of work to make sure they are still fit-for-purpose
  • Updating work standards in line with new realities

Certification Requirements

This is exclusively for TEAMS between 6 and 10 people.

A certificate of participation will be issued.

Successful improvement projects may lead to a Lean Green-belt (IACB), if all the certification criteria are met.


16 to 24Hr in-class  or virtual workshop, with 12Hrs ad-hoc team coaching for a period of one month.

Cost (excluding taxes, and Lean project evaluation & certification)

From ZAR 99,995 (US$ 5995)