Workshops are a fast and efficient way to learn new concepts and also learn how to apply what you have learned.

We prefer the workshop format over conventional training techniques for this very reason. Workshops can also be focused on a current issue or goal – that means that you and your team not only learn but get valuable results during the workshop.

Workshops are always contained within an organizational setting – they are team-based. The only people that will be in the workshop are the people you invited the facilitator of the workshop.

Some pre-work needs to be done to prepare for a workshop because we do practical exercises that are part of your specific setting.

We often design workshops according to specific customer needs. There are three standard workshops that we often do with customer teams!

This serves as a testament to the knowledge, professionalism and ability of Johann  to identify gaps and finding (new) ways to bridge them… (with)  technology, innovation, transformation and digital business strategy… consolidating multiple disciplines into one….

Suzanne Galletly, Portfolio Director (certification & education) Netherlands



Innovation is one of the most important skills for the digital age. It is also one of the hardest things to get right.

An Innovation Sprints is the simplest way for any organization to innovate fast and know that the new innovative idea is commercially viable before they invest significant time, money, and other resources in developing the idea into a commercial offering.

An Innovation Sprint is a fast, team-based ADapT™  innovation technique that anyone can learn, and anyone can successfully come up with new and sometimes industry-disrupting ideas with a high likelihood of commercial success in less than a week!

It may sound impossible, and you may think that you can’t afford to take a lot of people away from their day-to-day work for a week. Not so – Innovation Sprint teams are just 7 people and only 3 or 4 will need to be involved for more than two days!



Investing in operational problem-solving is the most effective way to use innovation efforts internally.

We use a simple method, adapted from Innovation Sprints, to address immediate issues and find more effective solutions.

The success of these efforts can be measured by the increase in efficiency and stability of operations. We believe that making problem-solving a standard part of work is the only way for organizations to manage new innovation initiatives effectively. It’s difficult to embrace change when ongoing issues are taking up resources and attention.

The workshop is based on Lean and Agile ADapT™ techniques.

… we have seen a 300% improvement in measurable project success in just a few months…  Johann is great at combining theory, operational feedback and his vast store of experience; giving real-world advice on how to adapt ideas for day-to-day use.

Gavin Oosthuyzen, Agile Lead (FMCG) South Africa

What they do cuts through all of the noise and provides a clear common-sense approach to strategy, technology, innovation, and transformation… it’s obvious, it’s simple and their thought leadership profoundly relevant… 

David Cannon, Snr VP (Business & IT Consulting) United States of America


Making SURE that you do business, THE WAY YOUR CUSTOMERS WANT YOU TO.

Innovation efforts often fail because the way you do business trips you up!

It does not matter how good your products and services are if the customer feels they can’t work with you!

Sadly antiquated business models are one of the top three reasons companies fail to attract new business or lose existing customers. 

You can have the BEST new idea to take to market, but if you do it the WRONG WAY, you will probably fail!

Business Model Innovation is a key skill all managers and executives need to learn and learn fast!

If you say – ‘that’s the way we always did it’, or ‘it worked for us in the past – surely it will again’, you have a surprise coming!

Customers buy from companies that make buying easy, that integrate into their own way of doing business well, and increasingly this means building significant digital-age business and market know-how.

In this workshop we will focus on a specific challenge and help you to keep old customers, while getting new ones.

About getITright

Empowering organizations to thrive in the digital age, we steer them towards future-proofing their business. 

Our approach centers on people, utilizing user-friendly tools and methods.

We aim to help individuals and organizations learn, apply and accelerate.


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