VeriSM® Professional Workshop

VeriSM - Digital Age, Enterprise Service Management


The workshop has four START-DATES scheduled alternatively on week-days and over week-ends.

Please note that you HAVE to complete ALL of the sessions AND complete the practical assignments to be eligible for certification. You also have to pass the VeriSM Professional Exam set by EXIN, to become a CERTIFIED VERISM PROFESIONAL! LEARN TOfour


So what are the next steps?

We will shortly make contact with you to arrange which sessions you will attend and talk about some logistics (e.g. downloading of material, scheduling of session, how you will handle assignments and the writing of exams.)

Welcome aboard, and chat soon!




Your guide during the workshops is Johann Botha, one of the Lead Authors of VeriSM Unwrapped and Applied, the book on which the course is based. 

So, you will gain 1st hand insight into the world of VeriSM and enterprise service management!

Below is a table with the dates and times for the four sessions you must attend to complete the prerequisite training. See which will work for you and book the time in your diary now!

IMPORTANT NOTE! If you miss the sessions scheduled for a specific part of the syllabus, you will not be able to complete the set curriculum, and you also will not be eligible for a refund (see the refund policy to follow.) You can however join a later session when the workshop runs again, or watch a recorded session.

The refund policy as follows:

  1. We cannot refund you for books already issued to you.
  2. You are most welcome to ask us not to issue the books until you have completed the first session so that you can see if the workshops are for you. If the workshops are NOT for you, we will give you a 100% refund (minus the value of the books if already received).
  3. You have to do your part, forgetting to attend a session is not a reason us to consider giving you a full refund. If however there are circumstances beyond your control, we will do everything we can to help you to finish the program. So, for instance, we may give you access to a recording of a session and then schedule a coaching session after you watched the session, to make sure you have not missed anything.
  4. You can also ask us not to issue the Exam Coupons until the end of the workshops. Although we strongly encourage you to write the exam, if the coupons were not issued we will gladly refund you for it! You have to wait until the end of the workshops to ask for a refund for the exam (hopefully, by then you will be motivated enough to GO-FOR-IT!)
Please note: There are ONLY TWO refund windows, immediately after sessions 1 and 6, but don’t hesitate to chat to us if there are issues or you experience some difficulty – we are here to help!