Certified Agile Scrum PRODUCT OWNER

Agile Scrum Product Owner course focuses on bringing value to the customer and the business, through Agile project management techniques.

This certification is ideal for managers and professionals working in, transitioning to, or adopting Agile, especially if they will fulfil the Product Owner role or Project Sponsor role.

Although candidates are often in project management, software development, and service IT service management roles, Agile Scrum is ideal to manage any organization-wide projects that are complex and have to deal with fast-changing requirements and continual improvement.
The EXIN Agile Scrum Product Owner course helps develop requisite knowledge of Agile principles and Scrum practices, specifically with the role of Product Owner, business sponsor, or business manager in mind.

If you already hold the EXIN Agile SCRUM MASTER certification – we have a shortened bridge program and exam available to quickly get the PRODUCT OWNER certification also.

Why become a Product Owner?

Scrum is one of the biggest sub-groups of the agile methodology. Scrum uses a set combination of efficiency ideas and project consolidation to help teams to craft higher-quality items in a record amount of time.

Scrum is a team-centered way of delivering complex and high-quality projects in fast-changing environments. A Product Owner is a central role in Scrum. The role of a Product Owner is to translate business requirements into actionable work. Simply put, the reason many Scrum implementations fails is that this role is misunderstood or poorly performed.

If you love working with people, have a keen interest in all aspects of business, and enjoy challenges and solving problems for the business, you should become a product owner.

Many people and organizations underestimate the importance of the Product Owner role, Product Owners also help the business understand the role. So the Product Owner role not only deals with managing business requirements but must also be a coach for business when transforming to Scrum.

Certified Product Owners are in high demand, and because they are in high demand, the pay is great also!

The median salary of a Product Owner is often even higher than a Scrum Master, the median in South Africa is ZAR1.1m, in the USA $110k in the UK £64k, and in Netherlands €82k. Figures from Glassdoor 20/04/2022.

Who should do this course?

Although candidates often have a project management background, this role is very different from that of project management.

The Product Owner is a business role rather than a project role, their job is to facilitate desired business outcomes while helping Scrum Teams to deliver maximum value to the business and customers fast.

We often find that business project sponsors or owners, product owners, and business analysts often do the Product Owner course.

This course helps develop critical Scrum competencies and facilitate team outcomes, in support of business outcomes.

The Product Owner is a proxy for the business and will make decisions on behalf of the business in Agile.

If you love working with people, can deal with ambiguity, and mediate when stakeholders have a difference of opinion around requirements, you will do well as a Product Owner.

Product Owners need to have a keen interest in how business works and be analytical and impartial. 

Who should attend?

  • Product Owners & prospective POs
  • Business project sponsors new to the Agile way of work
  • Scrum Masters
  • Agile Coaches
  • Managers supporting Agile initiatives
  • Business Analysts transitioning to Scrum

Level of training


Main subjects covered

  • Agile Way of Thinking
  • How  Agile and Scrum works
  • The Product Owner role
  • Creating and Managing the Product Backlog
  • Complex Projects and Scaling Scrum
  • Adding Business Value

Level of training



  • 90 min, closed book
  • Multiple choice
  • 40 questions 
  • 26/40 (65%) to pass


  • 4 ECTS credits
  • Normally 16 PDU/CPU (check with awarding authority)

Digital Badge


  • Scheduled in-class
  • Scheduled virtual
  • Individual coached

Cost (including exam, excluding taxes)

From ZAR 8,694 (US$549)

For existing Agile SCRUM MASTERS, the bridge programs is ZAR6,694 (US$425)