Thanks for signing up for our 3 Hr, MINI-WORKSHOP,
'Creating products that customers love to buy, in record time!'

We are putting the finishing touches on the content of the workshop as we speak, and you can attend the first LIVE ON-LINE version of the workshop on the 27h of October 2022 from GMT 14:00 to 17:00. 

If you can’t make it for the live session – don’t worry – it’s recorded and we will send you the link as soon as the workshop is done!

We would obviously love to have you at the live session, but if you can’t make it, you can still ask questions and we will gladly answer the questions via e-mail or WhatsApp, whichever you prefer!

The workshop is based on my latest book, published a few months ago called OUT-INNOVATE THE COMPETITION. The book describes a method we call the INNOVATION SPRINT, and I know that you will love the workshop as much as people enjoy the book!t

You can also get an e-book copy of the book valued at $19,74, by doing a VideoAsk for us that we can share to help market the workshop.

If you record it before the workshop – you can tell us why you signed up for the workshop, and if you record the video after the workshop you can tell us what you got out of the workshop, how it helped you and what value you got out of it.